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Real life zoombies

Real life zoombies


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Everything I Can See From Here

A game of football turns deadly as an uninvited player joins in

Directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim for The Line

Produced by Fritzi Nicolaus

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Published on Mar 8, 2013

Art and edit: Margeir Dire
Music: Intro Beats - mollody ( Möller Records )


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Theodore Ushev


In Official competition of Annecy 2013, Music videoclip, and Oberhausen Filmfest MuVi program.
A film painted directly on 50 vinyl records, shot using different speeds of an old Viking gramophone.

Music: Kottarashky&The Rain Dogs
Producing label: Asphalt Tango, Berlin

Canada Screen Award nomination, Best Animation Film, Toronto2013
Best Short Film Cinanima, Portugal 2012
Etuda&Anima, Krakow, Special Prize from the Festival Director, 2012
Best Commercial Film, Animanima 2012
Jury Special Prize, Golden Fish, Russia
Best Film for Children, Varna, 2012
Best Music Video, Golden Kuker, Sofia 2012
Opening film: DOK Leipzig 2012, Clermont-Ferrand Short film fest 2013

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STORYBOARD: The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

Meet Mike Breach, barista extraordinaire, who “paints” everything — and everyone — into his lattes.

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Man Spaghetti


Felix Colgrave

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Shave it

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Van a por nosotros - Accidents Polipoétics

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A knight. A princess. A dragon.
Three little kids.
One school play.
An epic battle for love and honor.

Dragonboy is a collaborative thesis done by Lisa Allen, Bernie Warman and Shaofu Zhang at the Academy of Art University.

For more information and still pics, please visit:

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